Information on our shop

Our shop is divided into three areas.
I can spend as I like the guest.
Only use of cafes, shopping for cat goods are welcome.
The last arrival time is 30 minutes before the opening hours.
The amount of our shop is all tax display.
Payment is later.

Cat’s Room

Guests can stay with the cats in the cat’s room.
If the guest is a cat cafe for the first time, it is OK.
The staff will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner.
The price of this room is on time.
Guests do not have to decide staying time or plan when entering the room.
According to the usage situation of the guest, when calculating the best price when returning.

-Cat’s room charge-

1 hour (shortest plan)1200 yen
Extended 200 yen / 10 min
Child (over 4 years old to elementary school student)
Children over 4 years old may enter the room depending on the situation
1 hour (shortest plan) 900 yen
Extension 150 yen / 10min
Treats for cats
Crisp type 400 yen
Special (mousse type) 520 yen

Cafe Room

Enjoy delicious meals and dessert menu.
The most popular is "Nyan Curry"

Gift shop

(Cat’s knick-knack • cat’s supplies)
Lots of knick-knack, nice accessories, cute stationery, and more!!
Please use it for yourself, for souvenirs!
We are also welcoming the visit of "just to see".